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About Us

Delta Systematics is a scientific consulting firm specializing on providing a full range
of environmental consulting services to the commercial, industrial, private and public market sectors.

Delta Systematics has successfully completed several projects in the Niger Delta region and around Nigeria as a whole.
Delta Systematics commitment to technical excellence is reflected in the highly qualified team of environmental professionals assembled throughout the company. Delta Systematics multi-disciplined staff of scientists and engineers have first hand experience in addressing some of the toughest problems facing industry today. Our commitment is to provide business solutions to our clients.

Our Partner

We are MDAFederal Inc (former EARTH SATELLITE CORPORATION) NaturalVue Image representatives in Nigeria.

Delta Systematics is a certified Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Business Partner and products reseller for sub Saharan Africa.

Delta Systematics acts as a clearinghouse for various Nigerian University Consultancy Services, thus ensuring that the best consultants are engaged for clients' projects.

Delta Systematics also renders Remote Sensing and digital services like Image Processing, GIS and GPS services. These are used as inputs into our Spatial Data Business Solutions.


General Information: Delta Systematics Ltd. is a private limited liability company that is fully indigenous (100%owned by Nigerians). The Company was incorporated on the 31st of August 1998 and had operated as a registered partnership since the 9th of April, 1986.

Meat Our team



DELTA SYSTEMATICS places a strong emphasis on recruiting the best professionals with the ability to determine the needs of our clients and deliver the required support and personal commitment. This provides DELTA SYSTEMATICS with the ability to supply a mixture of senior staff, supported by mid-level and junior staff as appropriate for each project's technical requirements. This balance allows DELTA SYSTEMATICS to maintain project performance and provide continuity from project commencement to completion.

At DELTA SYSTEMATICS each project is staffed with a mix of technical skills that will achieve the client's objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.
DELTA SYSTEMATICS has the necessary balance of professional skills to support the development of project teams, integrating the following technical disciplines:

  • Air Quality Engineers
  • Air Quality Scientists
  • Auditors
  • Biologists
  • Chemists
  • Environmental Assessors
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Hydrogeologists
  • Regulatory Specialists
  • Risk Analysts
  • Soil Scientists
  • Toxicologists

our partners

Delta Systematics Ltd. committed to technical excellence.