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Monitoring and Evaluation, and Investment Targeting

Monitoring and Evaluation, and Investment Targeting

Many organizations are seeking to improve their ability to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their programs in the areas in which they are working. They want to track progress against goals, or try to measure the per capita value of their investments. At Delta Systematics we use GIS to make this process easier for program managers, providing a visual tool for the rapid assessment and updating of project status.
In addition to providing needed information, this saves money and avoids redundancy.

DS’s approach permits organizations to:

  • Determine the exact location of project activities and show the extent of project activities.
  • Evaluate the project’s significance in terms of other co-located projects.
  • Evaluate the project’s effectiveness compared to previous projects in the same area.
  • View the relationship of the project to factual information, such as population and health; physiography, forestry, and climate; soils and agriculture; availability of water; location of schools, markets, and other significant social constructs; desertification and biodiversity.
  • See the investment levels of the project in cartographic form and on an annual basis
  • See the investment level per capita in the project area.
  • See the investment level in each sector, e.g., investment per capita/per school by district, by ethnic group.
  • See change over time and assess the direction of trends.
  • View statistical criteria in a spatial format to show the value of the investment and the progress of the project.
  • See overlapping investments.
  • Understand the historical effects of investments.

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